National Association of Consumer Electronics Importers and Manufacturers

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ANDEC was set up in 1983 by industry companies in response to a new government duty on consumer electronic products which was being introduced, and to promote direct action to safeguard member companies. More than twenty years have passed and the consumer electronics market has experienced major changes and numerous transformations both in production and distribution, which were inconceivable just a few years ago. Today ANDEC is the Italian Association which represents the consumer electronics industry and brings together more than seventy companies, including Italian subsidiaries of leading international electronics companies, as well as independent national dealers manufacturing or importing consumer electronic products. 

ANDEC represents, safeguards and promotes all activities concerning the consumer electronics industry, with approximately 85% of this market covered by member companies. It aims to make an active contribution to improving aspects linking businesses to the market and to represent a valuable resource for industry operators. 

ANDEC has been a member of Confcommercio (Italy’s General Confederation of Trade, Tourism, Services and SMEs), since 1988.

ANDEC represents companies marketing the following products: 

  • audio/ video equipment and accessories
  • analogue and digital audio and video recording media, digital memories 
  • Hi-Fi, home theatre and home cinema systems
  • car stereos and satellite navigators
  • broadcasting equipment
  • office equipment, office automation systems
  • digital video cameras and cameras
  • telephone systems
  • small domestic appliances
  • fixed and mobile climate control equipment


ANDEC aims to actively contribute to the growth of the industry it represents and is aware that the interests of the business community, which contributes to society’s overall development, and the expectations of consumers, who are the market’s players and opinion-makers, must be brought together in order for the economic/social fabric to develop properly.

Since it was established, ANDEC has supported and promoted the industry, liaising with organisations and institutions, dealing with the public administration sector and legislative bodies, providing a consultancy service in all fields of interest. ANDEC comprises a network of companies that all share the same purpose, needs and objectives, aware that belonging to a group is the only way to promote the development of the market system, identifying the right approach and the right solution to the specific problems of a business’s operations. The members themselves are therefore players, benefiting from the services the association offers and contributing to developing ideas and proposals to tackle the difficulties of a scenario which is competitive and in the throes of change to the best of everyone’s ability. 


In line with its mission, ANDEC promotes a number of activities for its members, including:

  • Advice and assistance for companies on national and EU laws.
  • Technical, administrative, tax and trade-union related updates regularly sent to members.
  • Specialist advice from expert consultants on technical matters, standards, laws and regulations and the environment.
  • Research on main national and EU laws relevant to the sector, such as: copyright law and private copy fees, regulations on electromagnetic emissions, low voltage, product safety, consumer information, competition between businesses and distribution systems, new technologies, consumer guarantees, waste management of electrical and electronic equipment and environmental concerns.
  • Research and monitoring of the Italian consumer electronics market.


ANDEC has established a “services structure” which enables member companies to benefit from the numerous activities on offer, from consultancy services to training and information. In addition to its legal, technical and environmental consultancy services, ANDEC also provides training, organising seminars and conferences on specific issues.

ANDEC’s web site, providing information and resources, is also a useful and valuable tool for communicating with its members.