After Sales Guarantee

All articles are written by Maurizio Iorio, Lawyer in Milan and President of ANDEC.

Replacement parts: are they covered by warranty? If so, when, how and for how long?
Marketplace, February 2019 issue

Q&A on matters of after sales service
Marketplace, April 2016 issue

Warranty on parallel-imported products
Marketplace, February 2016 issue

Q&A on the issues of guarantee
Marketplace, december 2015 issue

Business-to-business guarantee in the supply of goods or services through sales and contracts
July- August 2013 

Legal Guarantee and conventional guarantee on products sold to consumers
March 2013 

Spare Parts
On the seller’s obligation, or not, to make spare parts available for a certain period of time in line with Italian legislation and that of the major European countries.

A very questionable judgment of TAR LAZIO (Italian Administrative Court) concerning RTTE
Marketplace, April 2013