Competition Law

All articles are written by Maurizio Iorio, Lawyer in Milan and President of ANDEC.

E-commerce and selective distribution networks: recent EU Commission guidelines
Marketplace – Oct/Nov 2017 issue

Cooperation agreements between suppliers and large-scale distributors for the application of uniform supply conditions.
Marketplace, September 2017 issue

Selective distribution networks and parallel imports within EU countries
Marketplace, March 2017 issue

Recent cases of suggested retail price sanctionated by Antitrust
Marketplace, Sept. 2016 issue

Warranty on parallel-imported products
Marketplace, Feb.2016 issue

The Pan-European Guarantee
December 2014

Competition regulations and prohibited agreements
September 2014

CE and international trade: which law applies?
July 2014

In the last few years, there has been an increasing number of decisions issued by the Italian antitrust authority regarding the legal guarantee. The last pronouncement is very recent and raises some rather serious legal concerns. The AGCM often criticizes sellers and producers to intentionally divert consumers away from the legal guarantee in favour of the conventional one offered by them. The aim of this article is to explore and examine the main guidelines of the AGCM in this regard, as well as the measures and sanctions imposed so far.

Selective distribution networks and online shops
It must have happened to everyone to hear about “selected resellers”, “exclusive distributors”, “specialist official retailers”. All these entities refer to the selective distribution networks set up by producers, mostly within Europe, to market luxury and prestige products, or of particular outstanding technological features, requiringsupplementary and specific quality services to purchasers such as a physical showroom, sales and technical assistance, complete range of goods offered, qualified personnel, etc. But how do these selective distribution networks relate in comparison to online sales operators? Can these latter become part of them? If so, what are the services that online sellers may offer to justify the quality and excellence of their performances? The aim of this article is to answer these and other questions.

Parallel imports:
If, when and how you can legally fight them.



Parallel imports: if, when and how you can legally fight them
Article published on the number of April ( issued in May 2012 ) of the Italian magazine Market Place. The downloadable text is made up by the English translation and the original Italian scanned article .